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10 Points to consider in a service:


Dear Home Owner and Office Manager,

Please allow me to introduce HOME SWEET HOME Cleaning Services. Cleaning residential homes and offices is our profession and our approach is unlike any other company. This portion of our site will cover residential cleaning. For office procedural descriptions, please visit our Office Cleaning page.The formula for our business in home cleaning involves 7 points:

1) STABILITY– Home Sweet Home has served this area for over 20 years, a community that the owner has personally enjoyed from his estate, which includes the 1870s frontier cottage pictured on top, where his father was born in 1917. To learn more, please visit our About Us page.

2) MORE TIME – We spend approximately 30% to over 100% more time cleaning our clients’ homes in comparison to an average company or individual.

There is no magic that can remedy the fact that proper cleaning is time consuming, especially if one is to resist cutting time saving corners that will damage surfaces over time. Please visit our Proper Cleaning page for more information.

3) USE AND METHOD OF TIME – Regular visits by us over several months achieves a challenging maintenance standard. To do this for example we may spend three hours to detail all or even half a master bathroom or kitchen while the rest of the home would generally be cleaned. Upon our next visit, we may clean the same “maintained” area in half the time to achieve the same result allowing more incidental time for another (usually adjacent) area. We try not to “shot gun” or even “rotate around” the house but to build on our newly invested standard that we do not allow to deteriorate.

4) KNOWLEDGE – Despite what most people may think, it requires a high level of skill to recognize what needs to take place and how to proceed. That’s why we stress knowledge and awareness more than experience since the term “experienced” often equates to “many years of limited work”.

a) WHAT TO CLEAN – Simply put, we clean everything, rarely with additional charges, from the garage, honoring our client’s entrance of refuge, to the front porch that truly invites guests as they wait to enter your special place. Home owners are human and tend to grow use to substandard conditions over time. With fresh eyes, we’re objective and are trained to work according to the actual needs of each surface and location. We look at the overall impact of the residence as well as the minutia that inevitably gets attended.

b) HOW TO CLEAN – For example, in cleaning glass, one needs to examine multiple angles from both sides of the surfaces using direct light or light reflection to show surface smudging and spotting. Dark areas of light absorption are often used to check filming and streaking. Most do not understand basic optical properties. Please visit our Proper Cleaning page for more information.

c) HOW NOT TO CLEAN – It’s simply too easy to damage most surfaces in today’s homes with diatomaceous abrasives, acids, chlorine, ammonia and multiple products that are commonly used. We provide our own products and over the years we have simplified these products greatly. We have gained the skills necessary in making hundreds of appropriate decisions throughout a home without the crutches harsh chemicals. This not only retains the value but statistically improves home pricing with a shorter sales time if one chooses to sell their home. Please visit our How Not To Clean page for more information.

5) COMPLETENESS – We offer most everything a home owner needs to maintain and preserve a home. We can inform a client about many aspects to improve or protect their home. We offer our clients the complete and ultimate package that most companies and individuals dare not attempt. Please visit our Additional Services page for more information on other services we provide.

6) CONSISTENCY – Regular scheduling is key to respectful and reliable work. Most of our clients allow us to clean their homes while they are away giving us more time to perhaps clean behind beds, a refrigerator, or a washer / dryer. You may compare us to a tortoise that’s improving your home a little each time with the discipline to raise the standard long after others have lost their interest and are willing to accept a slowly diminishing standard, or reach a minimal plateau, being oblivious to expectations.

7) COMMUNICATION – First of all, we speak English. Also, this topic may be taken for granted but it can be a real problem if not appropriately addressed. “Confrontation” is minimized when a request is being made by the client to the owner or manager of Home Sweet Home Cleaning Services. This is because both parties have the same basic goals which can often involve discussions of helpful information. It is also sometimes easier to discuss a matter with a manager rather than to the one whose matters are being discussed.

In conclusion: I believe HOME SWEET HOME Cleaning Services to be the best. I personally have cleaned all our homes and trained our personnel. Security is not a problem with our staff. I’ve found that opportunistic thinking and detailing don’t mix. It turns out that only people who care for the home owner can be patient enough to consistantly attempt our standards. Even though we are certainly human, I’ve found there is simply no individual or company to match our standards.

We’re dedicated professionals, mindful of one of the more difficult and personal of tasks…. cleaning your home.

Thank you for your time,
Stephen Thornton (owner)
13187 Thornton Drive
Westlake, TX 76262
(817) 491 2005


"After the 2nd cleaning, my shower head was cleaner than ever... It looked new!"  Cheryl Mostyn of Trophy Club

“The Home Sweet Home cleaning crew is very thorough and does a great job of keeping our home in great shape.” 
Rachna Dewan of Colleyville

"A superbly run cleaning organization that excels in its ability to clean the normal and the most difficult areas...I can not emphasize enough how pleased I am..."  Arlene Dahlfors of Keller

"Our home was new when HSH started working with us and due to their care and dedicated service it still looks great - nowhere near fifteen years old."  Julie Cronberg of Southlake

"We have never been as saticfied with any cleaning service as we are with Home Sweet Home. Home Sweet Home is THE BEST!"  Vicki and Jim Truitt of Keller

"Stephen's staff cleans things I had never even thought to clean! HSH...gives me real peace of mind." Michelle Williams of Grapevine

"In the cleaning of our office building three words describe our ongoing relationship "contenually exceeding expectations". Kevin Archer, Providential Realty Partners, of Southlake

"Since 1998 they have been consistently superior each time they cleaned my house"  Norma Talley of Richland Hills

"Their attention to detail and high standards are incredible!  I am very lucky to have them!"  Catherine F. of Keller

"It costs a bit more, but what can I say - my daughter's white socks stay white when walking on floors cleaned by Home Sweet Home."  Lisa D. of Grapevine