HSH Office and Commercial Cleaning

The same unmatched principles we use in home cleaning are used for the front entrance, front desk, waiting area, conference room, restrooms and lobby. Under the desks we wipe over the flooring and cables as we gather staples, clips, paper bits, and critters. We dust desk chairs where the seat meets the lower back, the hardware at the sides and the rolling stand below the seat. We clean (not just empty) trash cans, pencil sharpeners, and shredders. Without chemicals or polishes, we safely buff finger prints, smudges, grime and dust off the desk tops (behind monitors), phones, adding machines, keyboards (on top and in-between keys) and yes, sensitive monitor screens.

Think of the percentage of time spent in ones total career sitting in front of a desk. Statistically, a cleaner desk should lower sick time as one can find over a thousand percent more cultures growing on a desk top and phone than on a toilet seat. A desk needs to set the tone for professional thinking and is a continuous reminder of the care management is expressing in providing this environment. Over all, there is a higher persentage of physical and mental production coming from the office staff and administration simply because they are stationed in front of clean desks amongst a clean office environment. We have seen many people be better organized since Home Sweet Home Cleaning Services has been on site. Please visit ourĀ Quality Impact page.

Imagine, you are thinking about using a companys service so you come to their office for an appointment. As you enter the office you cant help but see the smudges on their door and wonder what other hands have been before you. Entering, means to observe the sand, small leaves and bugs around a blackenned threshold. As you walk to the front desk, there’s an eerie darkness behind the receptionist from three burnt out overhead bulbs. In contrast, the lights above you are bright outdoor spot lights beaming down as though you are about to be interrogated or abducted by an alien ship. Sitting in the waiting area, its hard not to notice the two bugs and a cobweb under the dusty furniture legs. After all, sitting down gives you a closeness and viewing angle cleaning personnel tend not to think about. Raising your line of sight, the sunny window reveals spider webs and spots on the window seal behind the fuzzy blinds facing a light fixture without a working bulb.

You are called to someones desk for your appointment who is to assure you they are aware of your needs completely unaware of the last five minuets of your life! This is an actual description of an office we started years ago.

Home Sweet Home Cleaning Serivces changed out the back row of recessed lights, 14 feet high, which brought the back wall to life and defined the room. The bright spots above the visitors were replaced with lower wattage indoor floods giving the entrance a warm friendly appearance. The clear globs under the fans got clear light bulbs. The frosted globes received uniformed frosted bulbs. We converted to low wattage bulbs when hidden by frosted glass. A linier row of florescent lights in the conference room were of two different brands giving peach and blue hews. Two bulbs were out simulating what we call the missing tooth effect. Over time, we stayed with one brand for a professional appearance and fixed one of the fixtures free of charge to achieve the consistent illumination. This mild makeover was inexpensive but effective.

Our goal is to claim responsibility for the physical appearance of your office. We, at Home Sweet Home Cleaning Services, not only clean offices but manage it so the office management can focus their time and attention to other matters. We call this efficiency.