Other Services Offered by Home Sweet Home

With the natural desire to accommodate our clients’ needs, we, at Home Sweet Home Cleaning Services maximize the efficiency and ultimate appearance of their home by offering more services to make this possible:

Weed extraction to tree trimming – It started when we noticed the difference it made to pull a few weeds in the front entrance and to tidy-up the curb appearance of a home we cleaned. It seems that many yard maintenance companies do not know or care to do this task. Now, we basically can manage everything in the yard and garden that most yard maintenance companies provide with the exception of cutting the grass. We can pull a few weeds around the front entrance for a nominal fee since we are already there, minimizing additional trips. Also, we can come by (usually monthly) to extract the weeds of all flower beds, trim hedges and trees, and haul everything off, often times for less than the costs of other competitive businesses.

We’re also better at it since we wait for rain or soak the area first to soften the ground making it easier to extract the roots of the weeds instead of breaking them off. The owner has worked for over 3 years with the Stephen F. Austin Forestry Department, has one of his majors in biology with a botany emphasis. He was the Chairman of Westlake’s Tree City USA program having sufficient knowledge on the subject of tree trimming and care.

Lotions and potions – We still know how to polish silver and brass. We use stains to blend scratches and blemishes back to the matrix coloring of the wood in furniture, flooring, and trim work throughout the home. Much of the furniture and appliances are actually improved with our visits. The owner’s mother owned a historic 1894 antique store and has trained the owner and indirectly the staff of Home Sweet Home Cleaning Services well.

Grout and marble sealing – It’s necessary to protect the original integrity of porous and chemically sensitive surfaces. We usually apply two coats of a sealant to a surface for appropriate protection.

Felting objects that scratch – We can place felt and other protective materials under furniture legs to protect the floor from every day ware and tear. The same goes for the items that rest on counters, tables, pianos, and other furniture. It’s so easy yet many people don’t get around to it until after significant damage has occurred. We also purchase the material to match the color of the surface being protected, minimizing its visual effect.

Window cleaning – We have ladders and squeegees to do a fabulous job on the windows. We are happy to clean the window screens, sashes and sills. This helps to keep dirt from corroding and oxidizing the metal framing and glass. As with other topics mentioned before, our first clean on windows is usually more laborious. The reason is because of the mortar, paint and silicone that we commonly find from the original construction of the home. We will not scratch the window glass by rubbing mortar and sand on it or by using a dull – dry razor blade. We know how to identify tempered glass and provide the appropriate care with this more sensitive material. We can identify and clean external tenting that is applied after the glass has been manufactured which is softer and chemically sensitive.

Detailing automobiles – It makes sense for us to detail vehicles since the automobile is a driving force in today’s life style. Automotive detailing is now our latest service that can get you from your Home Sweet Home to your Home Sweet Office and back again.