Quality Impact (physical and mental)

It is not something that is easily measured. Some may even reject the idea all together. However, we believe it is true that as we scan the rooms we inhabit, thousands of pieces of subconscious information goes to the brain telling us something about our environment and all too often something about ourselves.

It is common to get ready in one’s master bathroom only to be bombarded with hundreds of subconscious negative and unpleasant assessments projecting onto one’s self of overwhelming disorder before leaving for the day and interacting with others.

We challenge you to objectively look in your master bathroom. Take the time to study it carefully. Start with looking in your shower. Notice the tile, grout, drain, joints, shower head, faucets, shampoo bottles, shelves, ledges, trim, glass, threshold and ceiling light. Assess your vanity mirrors. Look from the side up high next to your lights. Now bend low looking directly at the mirror from across the sink. Observe the light fixture, slpash plates and joints especially in the corners, toothbrush holder, bottles of lotions and potions, sink, drain, faucets (including behind where it contacts the counter), vanity surface and cabinet doors. Bend over and get really close enough to see the floor, under the cabinets, next to the tub and along the baseboards. View the toilet area looking down to the top of the porcelain, with lids up, especially around the hinges, top and bottom sides of the lids, down the out side of the bowl, to the base and behind. Any smells? Now sit on the toilet and look in front at the door, floor and baseboards. Walk to the adjacent closet and note the carpet edging, baseboards, shelving with items and full length mirror. How did this environment fair? Could there be a small percentage of resistance to the gratification of life itself when bogged down in a relatively negative environment?

Now imagine getting up in the morning to a crisp – clean form of order. It naturally is common that more willing effort is made to pick up and organize in conjunction with proper cleaning. After Home Sweet Home, the master bathroom is literally brighter because of the clean light bulbs, glass and reflective surfaces. The shower looks and feels great with drains that are clean inside without deposits outside. The tub and vanities are at show case level. The master bath gleams with an over all asthetically pleasant resolve.

Feeling “on top” doesn’t just benefit the morning attitude but can improve the experience of coming home. Think of the quality and even quantity family time one can gain. Even a slight improvement over time is worth considering. If one combines the home with the automobile with the work environment, all cleaned by Home Sweet Home Cleaning Services, one’s perspective could benefit significantly over most of a lifetime by improving a basis for a higher quality of life.

That is why we say; “Being on top starts with your surrounding environment”.