Several Options to Meet Your Budget

There are many ways to be consistent while keeping one’s monthly budget lower than what one might expect.

a) If we detail a home as much or quite close to what this add suggests, the number of our visits can be cut in half from what has been assessed in the past. The overall appearance of a home is more forgiving over time if starting from a higher standard…a bit like a bank account.

b) Sometimes our partial cleans (more like our competition) can be implemented to carry the client through between the “proper” cleans which lowers one’s monthly expense.

c) If your estate or business is large enough to accommodate someone whom you wish to keep, we can come in as specialists to work on the thousands of linier feet of baseboard or far reaching cob webs or any number of ways in which we can be there to support them. Our attitude towards this special someone can quickly calm their concerns as they realize we are not a threat to them. Also, there is often little overlap as we bring ladders, scaffolding, lotions and potions. This can adjust our visits to a 28 day or “monthly” pattern.

d) An incidental clean can be chandeliers to windows to the edging of carpet that even carpet cleaning companies don’t cover. It can be the little challenges or just the bulk of dread that never gets done. Even though we may charge more for our visit, it should lower an annual budget or take care of that special occasion.

e) Some can afford the ultimate and that we are. Much, if not most of what we can do, is to treat the customer to a form of non-distracted enjoyment of their home. They can look through a bay window and think of the back garden with no attention drawn to flaws on the window. They can enjoy the sheen of shiny surfaces that highlight the “life” in a home amongst the rich darker tones much like the gleam of an eye in a classic portrait. We would like the countless subliminal messages that one’s eyes take in to suggest that all is well in their home. Please visit our subliminal impact page for more information.