Testimonials from Southlake, Colleyville, Grapevine, Trophy Club, Richland Hills and Keller

“Stephen’s staff cleans things I had never thought to clean! The thoroughness and completeness makes my house beautiful and gives me peace of mind.”
– Michelle Williams of Grapevine TX

“We have employed the services of Home Sweet Home in the cleaning of our office building in Southlake. Three words describe our ongoing relationship “continually exceeding expectations”. It is without hesitation that we recommend their services.”
– Kevin Archer, president of Provedential Reality Partners

“Other services I have used in the past have done a good job at first. Then each time after that, they were less satisfactory. I have used Home Sweet Home services since 1998. They have been consistently superior each time they cleaned my house.”
– Norma Talley of Richland Hills

“We have never been as satisfied with any cleaning service as we are with Home Sweet Home. The same person has cleaned our home for years. She is consistently punctual, courteous, thorough, and conscientious in cleaning. Stephen has been flexible to accommodate our busy schedules and periodically spot checks the work to insure quality. Home Sweet Home is THE BEST!”
– Vicki and Jim Truitt of Keller

“We have used the service of Home Sweet Home for many years. I still remember their marketing that caught my attention – how important it is to keep a clean home and how they could help us accomplish that goal. Our home was new when HSH started working with us and due to their care and dedicated service it still looks great – nowhere near fifteen years old. We have appreciated their flexibility and consistently great service.”
– Julie Cronberg of Southlake

“Stephen Thornton has established a superbly run cleaning organization that excels in it’s ability to clean the normal and the most difficult areas where either I can’t reach or have the time to do the detail cleaning his employees are noted for. I am always amazed at how nice my home looks and how it all sparkles after they have done their magic. I can not emphasize enough how pleased I am to have Steve and his employees cleaning my house.”
– Arlene Dahlfors of Keller

“It is such a treat to come home after HSH has cleaned because of all the extra and special things they do. For example spraying off the patio after a recent rain storm allowed muddy paw prints to abound, replacing burnt out bulbs, or suggesting other items they can help with. Their attention to detail and high standards are incredible! I am very lucky to have them!”
– Catharine Foote of Keller

“The Home Sweet Home cleaning crew is very thorough and does a great job of keeping our home in great shape.”
– Rachna Dewan of Colleyville

“Home Sweet Home is the cleaning service to try if you have despaired at the quality of others. It may take them several weeks (or months) to get to all the nooks and crannies, but they will eventually hunt down all the dust bunnies! It costs a bit more, but what can I say – my daughter’s white socks stay white when walking on floors cleaned by Home Sweet Home.”
– Lisa D. of Grapevine

“It sure is nice to come home to a clean home. The attention to detail is outstanding. After the second cleaning, my shower head was cleaner then it has ever been. It looks like new!”
– Cheryl Mostyn of Trophy Club