The Proper Clean

Like the story of the tortoise and the hare, we are not impressed with fast financial ventures that may compromise our future goals of steady success. Even in these economic times, our grown has been steady.

Most all companies have a mission;

Enter a house. Achieve the greatest amount of visual “effect” in the least amount of time. Leave for the next house.

They can double (from what we make) their gross income in a day.

One woman explains “I think they must think my rooms are round because all my corners get missed!”

We, at Home Sweet Home Cleaning Services, usually have the same person in a home all day. Because of this, we are not even thinking of a “next house” consequently we’re more in the present. Any potential mistakes are completely minimized as we are encouraged to slow down our movements and stay focused on our objectives. Let’s give this all day person a name, say Elizabeth. She is emotionally invested in the home taking on the responsibilities and management as much as she can.

There is no confusion on who did or didn’t do what. In time, Elizabeth might let a “groove” turn into a bit of a rut so once in a while we will come in with new eyes and priorities to keep her mission fresh. This is one of the reasons why our workmanship exceeds our competition.

Another aspect of our work that separates us from others is that every item eventually gets picked up and cleaned since it is all considered part of the home. The glass covering a picture will often need cleaning on both sides. It is surprising how dull a picture can be with several years of filming inside the glass cover. We will disassemble the picture, clean both sides of the glass, and reassemble the picture, sometimes straighter than it was. Glass tables, cabinet doors, shelves, vases inevitably develop a film underneath, behind or inside that needs attention.

Most blinds, chandeliers, or silk arrangements can be spayed and drip dried to improve them but if they are dirty enough, and in most of our new homes they are, it will not suffice.

We will take the time to massage every inch of a blind. The good news is that we will almost never have to do it again….ever! We dust blinds usually biweekly preventing dust particles from adhering back onto the surfaces again.

Leaded crystals in a chandelier give the most amazing refractions which only can be revealed through the crisp, clean plains of the crystal faces. Steady massaging of every individual crystal is the only way to expose the crystal surfaces. Many items in the home like the chandelier will look better than when they had originally come from the factory.

We really try to spray silks when we can but when it is not an option every leaf will be massaged to bring back the richness of color intended. Often from transit and handling the leaves and branches will be twisted or upside down, counter to the natural intentions for the plant. We often times reform it better than ever. Live plants get carefully massaged as well.

Through this “massage therapy” for a home, our visual goals contribute to an unmatched over-all depth.